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Becoming a new parent is hard stuff! We get a lot thrown at us all at once and often our social lives take a back seat to the needs of our growing families. And on top of that, stress and anxiety, loneliness, and postpartum depression following a baby’s birth are incredibly common in our culture. Sharing experiences with someone who can understand exactly what you're going through & help normalize it is very powerful. That's how we create those everlasting bonds.


Mom Squad SF is a casual place to be social, connecting new moms who are experiencing the same ups and downs of life with their little ones. And knowing how hectic our day-to-day lives can be (to say the least!), our community offers support both online and in real life. Because in-person connections are crucial in fostering happiness, we encourage members to collaborate and plan events. If you're headed out on a stroller walk, you just share your plans with your group and meet up with someone nearby. Or when you go back to work, you can find friends to join you for lunch, after-work drinks, or a weekend hike. There's always something to do with a friend (sometimes one that's right in your neighborhood!)

Having a support network of women who understand exactly what you're going through, when you're going through it,
is so critical. Mom Squad SF provides motivation, support, tips & tricks... and even a safe place to vent when you need one.
So come find your squad — we promise, the power your fellow moms have to empower you is amazing!


We've designed our communities so that you are connected with other parents who have a similar aged child.
Select the season* & year in which your child was born to be directed to your specific Mom Squad SF Facebook group. 


Note, at this time our communities are specific to San Francisco city residents. However if you would be interested in creating a Mom Squad in your own community elsewhere, please contact us!

*Spring signifies January - June birth months.  //  Fall signifies July - December birth months. 



Hi, I'm Lesley Merritt!

I started this community because I needed support.

I was a first time mom & spending the first days after bringing my daughter home cooped up in my house. I was starting to show signs of the "baby blues." I knew I needed a community and a solid reason to get out of my pajamas & out of the house. Although I had friends, none of them were going through new mom stuff at the same time that I was. So, I joined a small group of women who had recently had babies of their own. I planned little outings, coffees, and lunches. These outings organically grew to include mommy & me yoga with tea or lunch after, storytime at a local bookstore or the library, swim & music classes, stroller walks, and even better, more and more moms. All of a sudden, my community was thriving.

I can't wait to meet you and your little ones!



Having a daughter is literally a dream come true. It is everything I imagined, and the most fulfilling endeavor I will ever know. But holy crap, it's also challenging me in ways
I couldn't have ever predicted! So I am eternally grateful that I met Lesley and together, helped her build this incredible community. I LOVE what we're doing — bringing women together at a time when we need it most.
The reason I still have a shred of sanity left is because of the friends
I've made through this group. Life is a whole lot easier when you have
your SQUAD!


When I had my first child,
I tried to find a group of women with whom I could be myself. I didn't feel like
a moderated group setting talking about our struggles really worked for me.
So when I had my second child, I was so excited to
find Mom Squad SF. I could hang out, be social, and help my daughter socialize. The first event I attended was so casual, relaxed,
and fun. So when the opportunity presented itself to become more involved,
I jumped right in. I love the idea of giving moms the same support and fun that
I found! 



Thanks to Mom Squad SF, I was lucky enough to share the newness of parenthood with a group incredible moms! Having friends to lean on, talk to, and just have fun with is invaluable, especially as a new mom. We go to lunch, yoga, hikes, library story time, to the park and so much more. Everyone is included, as raising a baby takes a village of unique talents.


Mom Squad SF helped me connect with other moms and build fast and lasting friendships. We share advice, milestones, and regressions together! It’s so much easier to handle the ups and downs of parenthood when you have a squad of friends to support you!


Mom Squad SF has been instrumental in helping me through the hilarious, difficult, liberating process that is becoming a mother. Without the friendships that I've formed through
this group, I would be less healthy and
happy as a mother, partner, and person.
I am thankful everyday for the
mom friends I've made and the
precious friendships I see my young daughter forming.





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